The temptation to not believe it until you see it

Thursday is Dottie’s 74th birthday. I took her to lunch & she only wanted a day out.

When it rains! The water pump went out and the technicians say there is a 40% chance the water level is low. So we need more prayer! Your list of prayer needs for us must be long.

There was a demonstration at a high school where students were marching. A car ran though the crowd causing major damage & one student lost both legs & an arm. There was a photo of the police on their knees praying for the students.

Thank you for responding to our call for help for a couple in dialysis & other help for Aroldo. We have a plan & we will do all we can to accomplish it. But we still need a couple for little girls as well as for dialysis.

Minor re-cropped the Christmas photo so we can use it. PTL!

A love seat for the aged


The temptation to do it our self; the temptation to take the easy way and now we see that the third temptation of Jesus in Luke 4 was the temptation to not believe it until you see it. (Luke 4:9-11).

Satan tells Jesus that it He was the Son of God jump off this 450 foot drop. Jumping off a cliff was not the way for Jesus to stat His ministry. This was contrary to the will of God. We cannot jump into something of our own making and then asking God to get us out of the mess.

Satan wanted Jesus to ‘make a splash’ and there are many people entering ministry who seek to do exactly that. But ministry is not about ‘show’. It is about faithfulness and doing it God’s way not our own. There have been so many shooting stars who fade eventually.

For instance marriage is what happens after the wedding ceremony. Margaret Thatcher said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”. I have found out in my own life that I have had to ‘man up’ after trying and not succeeding. I cannot win over temptation if I am looking to hit a homerun every time.

Because Jesus defeated Satan in these three temptations you and I are in a position to know how to resist the enemy. Satan never quits.But we can win!