The dead and the Ignorant

I went to bed at 5am as I was dealing with issues. I have not had to do this in years I believe but when you have 400 children there are issues that arise. Nothing critical but heart aches. So many children feel abandoned and unloved.

I made more radio shows that take me to the end of the year. Why? Because I want to still be heard even after I am gone.

Kevin moved from my house to a small room where he can have more time to study his medical courses. There is too much activity in dorms for him to study that myriad of courses.

Walt’s parents arrived today.

Another son in the transition is Vilfredo who is director of the school and the house father for the older girls

Jesus spoke of burying the dead and we have had to do that for the community we live in. A number of neighbors in our area have come to us following the death of a family member as they cannot afford the coffin, burial expenses and the plot of ground. It is a blessing to help our neighbors.

Have you ever sat with the dying and loved them into the next life.

I believe He also spoke of counseling those who are confused. “The truth does set you free.” So many people need direction in their lives. For our kids it is certain educational choices are the most important decision they will make besides following Christ. No future without an education!

I am a teacher and not a preacher. I do not think that visitors to Casa are impressed with my messages. They are designed to teach the children where they should go and how to get there. Jesus said, “How shall they know if no one teaches them”.

What we know is what we live. Our life is what we have learned and that is where our real classroom is. We all need someone to listen and help give us direction. Wisdom is not judgmentalism. No one knows it all and at 74 years of age I am still learning. I will leave this life without knowing everything. I have dark places in my life and there are 3 men who are always there for me.

I will summarize this tomorrow.