Take the easy way

There is a temptation to do things ourselves and there is a temptation to take the easy way. Luke 4:5-7 says, “If you will worship me I will give you all these things”. He was offering Jesus a kingdom without a cross. This is always the easiest way for us. We want something for nothing.

We have a “me” mentality that says I deserve more and I should get it whether I work or not. Why would Jesus go through all that suffering when He could have it for nothing? Sadly, I see young people today who want what it took years for their parents to accumulate. They desire to start marriage with an oversized house and multiple cars, etc.

I would not give anything for the first few years of my marriage. We lived in a small apartment that cost us $35 a month. We ate very little steak and dining out was out of the question. But those days seem to be my happiest days of memory.

When we build churches we do not hand them a check. The congregation must give a day a week to help the one paid block layer. They have to gather rocks in the streams to use in the concrete. This gives them ownership.

When we get it for nothing it means so much less.

Abortion and divorce are the easy way outs.