Second chances

I have a major problem that is breaking my heart. Aroldo, the most faithful young man I know, is burned out. He needs help in the dialysis or I am afraid we will lose him. It would be like the death of a child. Please pray for a couple from the USA who has a heart for the children in dialysis to come and help us. It is a critical need. These children need a Dad and a Mom and Aroldo needs relief. The couple would not live in the dorm but in a decent apartment.

The reason the dollar is falling according to our banker is Trump’s deportation threats & Guatemalans in the USA are bailing out. Makes sense!

We took the Christmas photograph to Kodak but it is too large for the 4 by 10 card.

Aroldo, the most faithful young man I know.

We are studying Jonah and in chapter 3 God tells Jonah “a second time” to go preach to Nineveh. This is after he is vomited up on dry land from the belly of a fish. The Bible is filled with people who were given a second chance. There was Moses, Jacob, Abraham, David, Rahab, Samson, Peter, John Mark, and others. My favorite is the thief on the cross.

God is so patient and forgiving of you and me. And He wants us to be patient and forgiving of others. Seventy times seven is what Jesus said was required for forgiveness. So that is many more than only a second chance! You don’t count them! I must give others a second chance because He has given me multiple chances.

In fact, God says if I do not forgive others He will not forgive me. We should be willing to forgive anyone who wrongs us. It is important that when I wrong another person I am willing to earn the trust of that person.