For your information we will continue to build the dialysis dorm but opening it will be delayed. The commercial washer/dryer, increased expenses & now the need to pull up the pipes, add pipes and put in a new motor & pump on our well is depleting our finances. We want to be good stewards. We need a financial miracle! God is in control.

Mike Toups came and checked all of the children’s eyes and the health department came & gave vaccinations to the baby dorm. Duke & James welded the trusses for the addition to Los Cometas.

We gave the suits to the 12 seniors as they begin an internship in the community soon.

James took Alex and his boys to the zoo.

The children in our house blessing Dottie.


Longfellow wrote, “Into every light some rain must fall” and there is not anyone reading these words that will disagree. The rain will fall on the just and the unjust. Rain is necessary if crops are to grow no matter how inconvenient it makes playing outside or driving or picnicking.

But rain can be destructive as we see with hurricanes and typhoons around the world. Pain and sadness over the earth in our day and age! Sometimes the rain makes us lose sight of why we have rain.

This too will pass has been part of my life and confession for years. Nothing lasts forever! This journey that we are on in transition I believe requires a deeper spiritual walk by everyone including the staff and the Guatemalan transition team. Satan hates us and wants to discourage us. Rain sometimes is so heavy that you cannot see and you lose your way.

When tsunamis come you have to hold on to something but in a Christian’s case we are to hold on to Jesus.