Provide for the Homeless

Antoni, son of Bubba and Sandra, will have surgery Thursday so please be in prayer for him.

Dottie took a hearing test and does have a moderate hearing loss. I thought she was just ignoring me. They will decide May 22nd as to when she will have the cataract surgery on each eye. So her senses are failing! Joking!

I wrote the check for the industrial washer/dryer. It is $20,000. But God has always been faithful.

Graduation has been moved to November 10th & this includes quinceaneras.

Dorcas, another Casa child, is the accountant and handles all checks, etc.

The 4th area that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25 was providing for the homeless. In 3rd world countries people without homes is common and even in the USA and other well-off countries have the homeless.

Can you imagine being unwanted, rejected, not belonging, unloved, unwanted not needed? Too many physical homes are homeless as the people in them have no peace of mind, warmth and acceptance. Just folks passing in the night!

They live without love, divorced, separated, unwelcomed and unprotected. Homeless is also when you have no one who allows you live in their heart. It is everywhere. Throwaway children are the norm in the USA as 50% of children are children of the unwed or the divorced. These children live without love and respect. Soon forgotten!

Remember the prodigal son? His father was the exception as he always had a home physically as well as emotionally for his son. The mantra in the world today is Abortion not Adoption. Just kill the problem. We live in a world of throwaways. This made Mother Teresa so special as she opened the door to everyone.

To minister to the homeless is to feel their pain and do something about it. But can I ask you this? Has Jesus found a home in your heart?