Principles of success #7

We went to Rockingham to buy electrical parts for the dialysis building.

I have racked my brain as to where I can cut costs and cannot see where it can be done. Sebastian, Alex, Josue’ and I will sit & see what we can do when I return. We need prayers please.

Michelle at Play day

The thirteenth principle of success involves loving the unlovable. Matthew 5:44 “Love your enemies, love those who spitefully curse you”

I believe that this is one of the most difficult necessities of working at Casa. It is easy to see all the cute little boys and girls and to be drawn to the sweet teenagers but there is another group. These are kids who hurt so deeply from abuse or abandonment that they lash out and loving them is difficult.

There are children at Casa that really are difficult to love but a minister has no option. We cannot pick and choose. Liking each one the same is impossible but loving each one in His love is truly possible.

14) Trust is still another key to success. Romans 8:31 “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The key to everything will always be how near to God you reside. The closer you get to Him the safer you will be. The financial crisis hit me hard and it took 3 full days for me to rebound. But two particular people encouraged me and He brought the breakthrough.

I cannot trust my feelings. I can only trust His Word.