Principles of Success #2

Spoke at a Rotary Club in Rockingham and then settled in for the thunderstorms. My home area in Louisiana took a beating Sunday evening with tornedos, 100 mph winds and lots of rain. But it did not get bad here in Wadesboro,NC.


The third principle for success is: Hard work must go into achieving success. “Whatsoever thy hand find to do, do it with all thy night” Ecclesiastes 9:10.

I never realized the sheer effort needed to care for 500 children. It is hard and difficult and often unrewarding work. There have been more staff members quit than finish the race at Casa. Long days, little compensation, very little acknowledgement of “well done”. You labor from the foundation of love or you fall.

4) Success is based on honesty with other. “Provide things honest in the sight of man”. Romans 12:17.

Truth is often hard to receive but if it is true it must be the foundation of relationships. Not all of us are called alike. I can no longer be a dorm parent. My age and health would soon expose my weaknesses. I must only do what I am called to do and be honest in doing it. Deception splits churches, families and ministries whereas the truth does set us free to accomplish what Christ has laid in our hearts.