Mother Teresa

We will take the Christmas foto Tuesday morning.

Our soybean milk for the children has been expanded and we are providing milk for 300 children in the school in San Bartolome’.

We need a person who can live in the dialysis dorm to help Aroldo.

We also need a couple that can be house parents with girls who are 9-12 years of age. Pray with us that the Lord will meet those needs. Brandi is willing to help us but I sure would like the little girls to have a dad & a mom.

Pastor Carlos Achupol’s new home

Mother Teresa is a heroine to me. George Mueller is my number 1 but she is #2. She was a living Bible. She was a reflection of God’s mercy and a living example of what all Christians should be.

I need mercy every day and that is why Lamentations says that God’s mercy is new every day and that is because we all need mercy daily. But mercy is not any good if it is only moving the inner man. It must move the outer man to want to make a difference in the world.

On the inside we are moved with compassion and on the outside we begin to move towards helping others. Mercy is love in action. In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about those who need mercy. First He begins with Feeding the Hungry. People not only hunger for food they hunger for love also. My children here at Casa hunger for my attention and recognition of them.


Before Jesus preached to the 5000 He fed them. You and I cannot save the world with words or sermons. We can only make a difference with actions. Mother Teresa said that “What I can do you may not be able to do but what you do I may not be able to do”. Nothing speaks of Casa more then that statement for it explains why I need you.

Hunger for food is what my children have but more so they have a hunger to be loved, recognized and accepted. You help us accomplish that.