Do it myself

The reason the dollar is falling according to our banker is Trump’s deportation threats & Guatemalans in the USA are bailing out. Makes sense!

I bought Dottie a sofa and a love seat for her birthday. She still needs love at 74.

We are open on Wednesday Sept 13; Sunday the17th & the following Wednesday the 20th so we can drive from South Louisiana 500 miles in any direction should we get churches for those dates in a close proximity. Pray about it!

The new washer/dryer arrived today.

We need you to stand with us in prayer


When the devil came to Jesus after His baptism & recognition that He was God’s Son it was the first time in human history that Satan knew who He was. Ever sine Cain killed Abel Satan had tried to kill descendants of Adam & Eve to stop the Word given to Eve in the garden.

He tempts Jesus with 3 lies and it shows our own three temptations in life. When he told Jesus to turn the rocks into bread that was the TEMPTATION TO DO IT OURSELVES. Since Jesus had the power to turn the rocks into bread this was a very real temptation.

There are things that you and I can do but are not always God’s will. Being smart or talented or capable can be a huge problem if we do something on our own but it is not within the will of God for us. We do it like this because we really do not trust God.

Satan came when Jesus was alone and that is when you and I are most vulnerable. You and I are very weak when we are do-it-our selfers”.

More tomorrow