Clothing the Naked

The Christmas phot was finished in less than 30 minutes. Getting 500 people still for that time is a chore.

Our land paperwork was filed with the judge today so in 5 weeks we should have all of our land in Santiago registered as two pieces of property instead of 9. That will make paying taxes much easier.

Alex, our son, is sub-director and dorm father to the older boys

Feed the hungry, give water to those who thirst and then Jesus says Clothe the Naked. What is He referring to? Obviously there are many people who have little clothing. We have children who arrive at our gate with only the clothes on their back and usually we have to burn them. So, of course, He is referring to literal clothing on the backs of the poor.

But I believe He is also referring to clothing people with dignity. One of the greatest needs in the world is to be accepted and loved. Children here at Casa may be here for years and say to me 15 years later, “Why did my mother not want me? What is wrong with me?”

It can also be that nakedness refers to a loss of purity, virginity and self-worth. He created us for more than premarital sex, stripping, bikinis and divorce. Take away a person’s dignity and they are destroyed. We see that in the horrible child pornography and sex trafficking.

God is saying that we are to treat the opposite sex with respect & kindness. We should never humiliate anyone the way that Jesus was humiliated as He hung on the cross totally nude and exposed to every taunt and ugliness imaginable to mankind.

He chose to be like us and not come to earth as a king to live in a palace. He chose the lowly position and if we are to be like Him we must do likewise.