Dottie & Sue went shopping. We bought grass seed & Larry seeded his lawn.

The school had an oratory competition & Vilfredo sent me the results.

Gladys took Michelle with her to seminary today then they called us and we were able to speak to the teens in our house.

We will be at 2nd Baptist in Hamlit in the mornibg and Hopewell Baptist at 6pm.


Victor Frankl who was a psychiatrist and a Christian and interned in a Nazi death camp and would tell his fellow prisoners that the Nazi’s could take their families, their homes and their possessions but there was one thing they could not take and that was their attitude. We choose our attitudes!

I told you of my recent struggles when receiving the bad news and that I had to get back to basics. Paul said that he had learned in whatever state he was in he had to be content. It was this truth that I had to rely on.

I could not control what had happened but I could control how I reacted to what had happened. Paul knew we had to control the inner world in order to navigate the outer world.

Someone said that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.