I slept nearly 8 hours for the first time in months. PTL!

The rain that hit us in Lake Charles came through NC at 4am.

We received 2 new boys, 4 & 8 years old. Dr Lou called about a 7 year old boy awaiting a kidney transplant from his father. This fills up our current space.

Third floor in Dialysis looking good

JJ Turner wrote that a better world does not depend on the external situation but rather the internal situation. Things are the way they are without because of the way things are within.

The world my grandchildren are being raised in is so directly opposite to how I was raised. I lived in the Leave it to Beaver world and it was a joy to exist. Today kids are living in a Terminator world of death, destruction, fear and broken homes. I did not know a single child who was in a broken home. Today over 50% are without a parent.

What was the difference in the 50s and what is wrong today? It is the loss of the inner man. The moral compass in America is broken. We have lost our way and our children’s children are paying the price.

Your mind is the greatest natural gift God has given you. Modern mn has lost his mind!