I had Ezdras preach to the Americans since there were 65 of them.

Today we dedicated Olga & Billy’s daughter, Sofia, to the Lord. I

felt well enough to give my testimony to the teams. The therapist came today & will come again tomorrow. She has made a big difference.


American visitors helping with parent’s day

Did you ever notice how different each of us is? We are at different level of development. Tolerance is the ability to bear up under great strain or difficulty. We can allow anther person to have different view or beliefs.

Prejudice literally means to Pre-Judge. Makes sense doesn’t it? It means we draw a conclusion before getting all of the facts. Tolerance is accepting others despite want we may feel is immaturity or differences.

If I have tolerance I will accept you in spite of your faults. It doe not mean I lower my standards but it does mean I will accept you even if we do not agree. Not only do I not lower my standards but I attempt to encourage you to raise your standards. We all have to grow.

I give you room to grow. This is a truth I have learned here in Guatemala. So many children arrive at Casa with profound flaws. I want them to grow. Character faults and failures are universal. We do not all feel the same and see life the same way. I must allow you to be human.