The best is yet to come #4

We shopped for the two weddings, read & waited for Josue’ and Jessica to arrive from Houston. The board meeting starts Friday morning.

The Fayetteville team finished the painting of the school & Dr. Hines finished the eye screening for the children.

Physically I am feeling much better.

Family Day

Other negatives to having the best yet to come is fifth an attitude of negativeness is what causes us to make our bad decisions. Good attitudes will make good decisions. Some folks can only see the glass as half empty. They believe that the worst is yet to come and normally thinking in that way will produce the worst.

Sixth, I have spoken with so many young people both here at Casa and in the USA who simply have no goals. They have nothing to shoot for. Their lives are endless malls, TV and video games when they are not on their I-phone. It has to be terrible to waken each morning with no goals for that day.

Seventh, living in the clouds believing they do not have any needs will keep a person’s eyes on the best being yet to come. We never quit growing, learning and evolving into what the Lord desires for us UNLESS we are self-satisfied.

Finally, you know me and it would be hard for me not to include fear as a factor of never achieving the best is yet to come moments in our lives. We have to step out. There are things God will only do when we step out. Willis used to say, “God never builds a bridge until we step out on the water.

Conclusion tomorrow.