The best is yet to come #3

Following the disastrous death of 35 children in the other home we were told by one agency of the government that we would be heavily inspected by the government. Sebastian was called & told to report to the Human Rights offices along with both of our psychologists & both social workers. Both of us anticipated the worst since parents were filing false claims against everyone hoping the courts would send their children back to their homes. When they arrived they were greeted and asked about our food, health, education and protection we provide because they have seen the results and I quote “Because we know that we can receive REAL information from you”. Then a judge emailed me last night very late to tell me that she visited Casa and was so veery impressed. I am so excited, delighted and off the charts happy. Do you know how long we have prayed for favor with CAN, Human Rights, Ministerio Publico, judges, police and all governmental agencies? They do not all love us but this is a start.

Even a trip to the dentist where they discovered two cracked teeth and a broken one did not slow me own. We visited with our grandchildren and then had dinner with ML & Kathy.

 Kevin’s 23rd birthday


If the best is yet to come then why do I say there are negatives? First, Many people are content to live in the past. They can only look at what “was”. Their memories go back to their teenage years or early years of marriage and have no forward focus.

Second, sadly there are people who do not want to make a difference with the life that God gave them. They are content to float through life. I remember the opening scene of “Private Ryan” at Arlington Cemetery when the old man says, “Was it worth it? Have I lived a life that made their lives worth it” (Or something similar to that. We have only one life and just passing time is not the way to live it. God gave it to you for a reason. Use it!

Third, insecurity is a problem with many families. They want to hold on to what they possess. I know when I was called to Guatemala many people questioned the decision with “Are you willing to give up what you own?” Obviously holding on to possessions would have cost Dottie and I the joy of knowing so many wonderful children and meeting sponsors and visitors as well as churches from coast to coast.

More tomorrow.