Special note from Wes Hall our chairman of our board.

Last year the courts sent us many more children than ever before. They also now require us to research and prepare the legal background reports on every child: including educational, social and medical histories. The good news is that we get to love on more children than ever before and share the gift of Jesus with them. The hard part is that most of these children are taken away pretty soon after we have loved on them and done so much work on their behalf. The opportunity is huge but it comes with a cost. Donations are strong and have kept up with the costs of running Casa. But the added expense of these long term employees (over $20,000 per month) has caused us to run an annual deficit for the first time in our history. The Lord knows what He is doing with these changes – our job is merely to serve well. But we sure need some added financial help. If any of you feel led by God to help us cover these extra added professional staff expenses, we would be so grateful.