Malcolm took Josue’ to meet Katie for his trip to Houston. Dottie did more shopping & I did some business with Debbie. We saw our grandsons and then I had a couple of important phone calls. We leave Thursday for North Carolina where we will stay with Larry & Sue.

Adam has Farrell & his friends repairing the tank on the back water tower so the water is off in that section.

A Mississippi team is there and they brought clothes & toys for the dialysis kids and they loved it.

More family day


The ninth characteristic of what made Paul a successful ministry was that Paul was contented. Philippians 4:11, “I have learned that whatever state I am in , therewith to be content.” Contentment is never found on the outside of a person. It is what is in your heart and soul that determines your contentment.

Tenth, Paul was determined. Acts 14:19 Paul had just been stoned so he arises and simply goes to the next town where he preaches again. I do not know any minister worth his salt who is not determined. Quitters are a dime a dozn in churches and missions today.

Eleventh, Paul was happy. Romans 15:32, “That I may come to you with joy and my you be refreshed.” The devil loves sad and depressed ministers. There are times this is my bane. I have to get the joy back because it is His strength in me. A sad minister is a defeated minister.

Twelfth, Paul motivated others. Philemon 1:21, “Having confidence in thy obedience, I wrote”. Negativism never motivates other people. We need a positive approach and a positive attitude to be successful in ministering to others. Screaming at children or having a negative attitude towards them will destroy and not build their character.