The board meeting covered so much information. For the first time we spent more than we took in in 2016. The offerings are the same but the expenses have gone up and the dollar is declining.  So beginning October 1st 2017 the cost of sponsorship will rise from $35 to $40 a month and the cost for visitors will rise from $35 a day to $45 a day. This is the first time we have raised the prices in over 10 years.

We drove to Lafayette where we will preach Sunday morning at Family Life at the 9 & 11am services. We visited with our daughters and grandchildren. Then we go to Lone Pine Assembly near Bunkie for a 6pm service.

Josue’ wanted to eat boudin so we stopped in Crowley at Boudinn King for him to eat his fill.


Turner tells me that Paul had characteristics that we all should try and develop in our lives if we want to be a successful instrument for God.

First, Paul was confident. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things in Christ Jesus”. He knew that he was called and that God had a mission for him. Do you feel that you are accomplishing a specific mission ordained by God for you?

Second, Paul was a servant. He started most of hi letters with “Paul a servant of Christ”. It is rare in ministry to find humble servants. Everyone thinks they know better and so few even bother to hear instructions or suggestions. If you do not like things just change churches is the attitude of many!

Third, Paul was appreciative as seen in Philippians 1:3 “I thank God for every remembrance of you”. We live in a world that sees only what they do not have rather than being appreciative for what they do have. When people say things like boasting on Dottie and me I shudder. Casa is the labor of literally 1000s of people. Without staff, visitors, sponsors and donors where would we truly be if it were only about Dottie and me?

Fourth, Paul was concerned for others. Romans 9:3 “I wish that I was accursed from Christ for my brethren”. What a “me” oriented world we live in! Me, myself, my and mine is pretty much the attitude of the world. Sadly this is true of some Christians.