Our Tears #9

Had my physical & my leg is no better. The physician is trying another approach.

Josue’ proposed to Vanessa (Yoselyn). She has always said that she was my most favorite child.



We have spoken of many tears and today we continue with the tears of prayer and supplication towards God. Remember the tears of Hannah when she was unable to bear children? How many women still weep that same prayer?

How about the tears of Hezekiah when she needed a miracle of deliverance! David prayed in Psalms 39:12 as recorded “Hear my prayer oh Lord and give ear to my cry, hold not thy peace at my tears”.

Jesus, Himself, wept in prayer a number of times as recorded in the Gospels. Have you ever carried something so heavy that you could only weep? I remember when they told me my daughter was going to die. I wept until I was void of liquid.

The death of my parents and grandparents as well as many others has brought me to weeping. Only God could gather my tears in His bottle and give me the peav=ce that was absent.


Our tears in prayer are never wasted. God gathers them as an offering of our humanness and our need for Him.