Our Tears #6

We are ending the month on a high note as Walt & Randi are house parents of Las Cometas (little boys) and we are doubling the size of that dorm and should be finished in 2 months.

Slowly the Casa de Antoni(dialysis) is getting finished. There is a new dialysis child scheduled to arrive tomorrow so that will give us another precious soul to minister to. Aroldo and his team in the Casa Genesis truly love the children & are so committed to ministering to them. I could not ask for a better staff. I am not speaking only of dialysis. We have the best dorm parents you can imagine and I feel so confidant of where Casa is going.

Josue’ has done a great job of taking the university responsibilities off of me in purchsasing texts, buying school supplies and paying monthly tuitions. The rest of the transition teamwork so hard to make sure everything is in order. I am such a proud father.

Our normal trip home in September has absolutely not one place scheduled so if you would like us to share with your church in September please contact Debbie in Lake Charles.

We will be at Family Life in Lafayette on Sunday March 26th in the morning.Then we will be in N. Carolina.

Adam & Vilma will return this week. Her tests were pretty good & the other tests can be done here in Guatemala. Aleluya!

Marcos made this as a gift for me

A short thought on the tears of a baby’s cry; tears of concern for our sins; tears of disappointment; tears of bereavement; tears of sympathy have led us to the tears of the oppressed.

Ecclesiastes 4:1 it records “Solomon considered all the oppressions that are under the sun and behold the tears of the oppressed”. Man’s inhumanity to other men has always caused pain and suffering.

Oppression refers to heaviness, a burden or the carrying of a load. In the United States there is some of this as there are many people still living in poverty with no hope of things improving. But when Ithink of the people throughout the world who have suffered because of Hitler, Stalin and Mao 50 years ago and now in modern times we have ISIS, Alquida, North Korea and the repressing regimes of Africa, Cub and the Middle East. It adds up to buckets of tears.

We are so blessed and we should be crying for those who are repressed and oppresse throughout the world. Jesus did and does!