Our Tears #10

We dedicated the baby of Mayra and her husband. She ha been gone from Casa for a few years so it blesses me that she wanted to return & let me dedicate my grandchild.

I appreciate the emails concerning the daily update. I am not on face-book so I do not read anything sent there.

Gladys has begun a new class for girls who want to go deeper with the Lord.

The restaurant prepared the table for the proposal (She did accept)

Continuing with the many places in the Bible that speaks of weeping we go from tears of brokenness to tears of joy. Joseph wept with joy when he saw his brothers and then again when he saw his father. Nothing compares to going home and seeing family members. Tears flow freely when there has been a long separation between us and those we love.

The tours of duty that lasted many months and even years in World Wars 1 and 2 as well as Korea, Viet Nam and now the Middle East have brought about so many tears of joy when your loved one comes home.

Joseph is known as the person most nearly associated with Jesus than all the characters of the Old Testament. His forgiveness and reconciliation with his brothers cannot be truly understood.

I believe forgiveness will bring us to tears of joy. Nothing is as heavy as unforgiveness and there is no relief like that of letting go of a grudge. When we let go tears will flow. Tears of joys wash over us!