After writing the newsletter and emailing it to Debbie in Lake Charles we were called and informed that Marjorie had passed away. The stepmother harassed the judge and even got a lawyer saying that we were just keeping her here because we wanted to and that she was “healthy”. Dr. Lou, Aroldo and both our social workers and psychologists could not convince her that the reasons for her being “healthy” were the clean environment, the expensive medication, the correct diet, the love of Aroldo and the workers in dialysis as well as the love of all of the staff and children and most of all the love of God.

This is the second such incident in 6 months as Luis also passed away when he was sent home to a family that could not afford anything. Both sets of parents allowed Luis and Marjorie to drink water. It is so sad.

Pray with us that the judges would be better informed and listen to the medical community concerning the medical implications of sending these children home.

                                                                                                               Marjury’s funeral

Marjury’ funeral was today and we received another child on dialysis. So one child is in heaven & another is here to be loved & helped. I had to tell the dialysis children that she had passed away & then I took them from Adam & Eve through to the Resurrection to be sure they understood salvation in Jesus Christ.