Make it happen

We fly to Charlotte Thursday.

I will send this early because we have an early flight & need to get to bed.

Addition to Los Cometas

The old adage is that some people do not know what is happening; others watch what is happening; a few wish things would happen; some hinder things from happening and a few people make things happen. As we move forward with the transition there will be people scattered all over the board on that happening. But for it to happen we will have to each do our part to see it come about.

It is important that I believe in what I am doing. If I do not believe with all my heart (and I do) then it will never happen. I have to ask myself if this is the right course of action (it is). I must ask myself if this is what is best for Casa and the future generations of children (it is).

We must have a plan in order for it to happen. Things do not just happen because they are good ideas. There must be a plan. A plan means that there is a purpose or reason for what is going to happen. Training Josue’ to take my place and be the face of Casa will not happen without a plan. The area we are most vulnerable in and where he needs to learn is the finances. He is like a sponge.

More tomorrow.