His love, our tears

Two more teens died from their burns. Folks have emailed asking what we will need should the government send the 30 children. CASH! The reason is because we will need beds, mattresses, sheets/pillows, etc School uniforms, tennis shoes, school shoes, probably 2 more teacher, school desks & texts as ell as supplies, clothes, dining tables & chairs, 15% increase in monthly expenses including food. The normal expenses will continue, as is the need for money for the hospital equipment and staff. God’s work done God’s way receives God’s supplies.

My chairman said it best in that we will have a tremendous opportunity to love the children & bring them to Jesus. God trusts us & to me that is the most comforting feeling on earth.

One of two piles of avocados at Los Cometas


It is no coincidence that I just finished 12 lessons on tears. Psalm 6 says that, “I water my bed with tears”. The greatest Christian I have ever known was my father-in-law and the second greatest is my wife Dottie. She has buried 3 children & not once have I heard her ask “Why?” or be depressed to the point of doubting God.

I cannot explain why things happen to us as they do. All I know is that God is in control IF we allow Him to be. You have to let go before He takes hold of your life or your problem.

My heart aches for those who suffered so horribly when their family member died. It hurts more for the fact that I have wondered how many of those teens were saved. Age is useless. It is critical that you and I take every opportunity to minister Christ to those we love because we do not know if the last words we say to them are truly the last words we will ever speak to them.

As we ache for those who died in that fire we need to realize there is a fire that never goes out. It will burn for eternity. That is the fire we need to warn those we love about.