The parents where the children burned have raised such a ruckus the government is frozen as to what to do with the other 700 children there so we are just waiting.

Recently we bought paint for a team to paint the school. It did not arrive and the team left. The company said that it was their fault & that they would send a professional painter. I thought it would not happen but we have the painter. A minor miracle!

The new paint job on the school


There is a will of God that we should search for and that is the will of His desire. This is His will as to the way things should be. We are not free from responsibility. He does not just ordain everything and let u off the hook. He expects us to seek His will and then to obey it.

We cannot disregard the way things God expects us to live just because we are saved. For instance, in I John 2 He tells us not to love the things of this world. I cannot say that since I am a born again Christian I can ignore the will He has given clearly to us.

The will of His desire means I do what is pleasing in His sight. There are things that God alone knows but He has also given us many instructions that we cannot ignore. His desire leads to direction for each of us. We want to know what He has for us personally so He gives me specific instructions.

For instance, He called me to Guatemala and not someone else. That is specific only to me. When I sought to know what that call was than I was able to make decisions for me and my family to fulfill that will.