Lee & Brandi are both gone to the states so we are short handed. Gladys has 11 girls an 12 boys taking her advanced Bible class. We have a group of older girls scheduled to take classes to work with the babies. This is a critical class.


I was thinking of how important attentiveness is in our Christian walk. We show a person how much they are worth to us when we give undivided concentration to their words and actions.

Have your ever seen a horse raise his ears when he hears a sound. That is exactly what attentiveness means. Literally it means to prick up our ears. This is an act of courtesy as well as thoughtfulness.

Once I read a list of who we are to be attentive to. It all begins with God. Deuteronomy 30:10 says “Give ear oh my people … hearken unto His voice”. In fact if we do not listen to His voice I do not imagine it is worthwhile to listen to anyone else.