Attentiveness #5

Walt, Randi, Dottie & I went to buy plants & flowers for their dorm.

Dr. Luis & Debbie are here & he has been helping me with anti-inflimmation instructions.

Walt & Dottie planting


Ok! Attentiveness to God, parents, our conscience and the elders brings us to #5 which is obedience to civil authorities. Romans 13:1-7 tells us that civil authorities are ministers of God to protect us and to do good. If you do not know your parish (county), state and federal authorities you cannot successfully pray for them.

My dad was a parish marshal and had tremendous respect because he was fair & honest. This is scripture because I Peter 2:24 says that civil authorities are to be praised and they are in office to punish evil.

Government officials are appointed or elected to carry out the law. We should pray for them rather than criticize them. One thing I certainly have learned in my year in Guatemala is how the government works and what is required of us as a home for children.

It would not hurt for you to encourage your government officials. (Do not bribe them) but let them know that you realize how difficult their job is and you are praying for them.