Attentiveness #3

Tatiana is burned out caring for Michelle so she moved to the university dorm. Vanessa will take her place until she and Josue’ get married.

The students are taking first semester exams.

They are bringing the first 12 of the children they are sending us.


We listen to God and then to our parents & a 3rd area is our conscience. Yes, our conscience! Your conscience tells you when you are doing right and when you are doing wrong. To reject your conscience will bring heavy guilt into your life.

God has written His law upon your heart and that law is what guides you. I hve found that often my conscience wants to do something other than what my haer wants to do. Guilt brings depression, damages your fellowship with God and can actually bring physical or emotional illness.

Never reject the voice of the Holy Spirit. Do not justify something that your conscience is telling you to avoid. I do not know why but I have been in a heavy depression the last few days. I mean it is as though I am in a fog. My conscience is telling me one thing and my mind is saying the opposite.

Which one will I obey?