Using up your life #2

The boys helped Wicho & I to cut down the trees so that when Walt & Randi returned they could see that we already had begun on the extension.

Alex & I went to pay taxes on the vehicles & they now require things they have not in the past so we had to leave & get signatures of a lawyer & pay a fee in the bank. We ran out of time so will return tomorrow.

I took the college boys who helped me yesterday out to lunch. The response to my request for help has been better than I expected so we are anxious to get things rolling.

My knee is infected because of the wreck but is beginning to heal. Still painful!

We have nearly finished the inscription and first 2 months payment for the university students so another school year is under way.


Aroldo on vatation in the Peten

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. God gives you the desire and when you accept His desires for your life you are content.

The number one need in this world is contentment. There is no satisfaction for most people. They want more and they have no desire to wait. When God places the desire in you that will be the correct desire. Your HAVES and your WANTS will line up. You will not want something that He does not want for you.

The world is using up their lives and have nothing to look forward to. Accumulation is not satisfaction. When you have all you want then what is left? No goals and no dreams! No anticipation and no surprises (except the credit card bill).

I am rich! Wealthy beyond imagination! You see my Haves and my Wants are the same. Psalm 37:4 says that God gives me my desires. If He gives me the desires then I will always be rich.

You can have a million dollars and be poor because you WANT two million. You can have one hundred dollars and be rich because you HAVE all you need.

Do not use up your life and hit the finish line. Look for Him to increase yearly the DESIRE He has for you. Line up your wants with your haves and be content.