I taught the Word. We rested. One team continued to work on the sheet rock. Nothing else!

Nearly 54 years together

Can you imagine life without trees? Dottie loved trees all through her life and I loved the bayous and forests of Louisiana and still do. But trees also provide oxygen, enhance rainfall, moderate the temperature, provide food, provide shelter, provide healing leaves, provide fuel, provide paper products and the list is inexhaustible.

In North America there are over 850 species of trees while on the Island of Madagascar there are more than 2000 species of trees. It is no wonder that Bacon & Augustine would write that God speaks to man through His WORD and also through His WORLD.

We have huge eucalyptus trees here at Casa but trees are the oldest, largest and tallest living things on this earth. A eucalyptus tree in Australia grew to nearly 500 feet high before falling in 1880. A pine tree in California is estimated to be 4500 years old. That means when Pharaoh was building the pyramids this tree was being born.

The world cannot exist without photosynthesis and chlorophyll and carbohydrates produced by trees. There are 170 billion tons of carbohydrates produced each year and 100 billion cubic feet of of lumber yearly. So it is no wonder that God began Bible history with a tree and ends history on this earth with a tree. Meditate on what I have said because we will explore the 4 trees of God.