Our Tears #5

There is a group of high schoolers here from Mobile, Alabama who are painting the school. It will probably take 3 large teams to finish all of the buildings. This team along with Macy brought so many necessary items including food, medicines, shoes, batteries, etc.

Sadly, CNA, the governing body of homes for children, wants to close all large homes. They are moving to close the government home of 700 children making us then the largest home. They do not want to close Casa but they are wanting major changes such as another psychologist(we have two now) and many more dorm personnel. This means an increase in the budget but God has always taken care of that aspect.

We need more help. We need folks who want to come and not be dorm parents but want to assist and provide activities for the children. You must be over 21 and a Christian.

Sebastian will meet with CNA this week. Pray for favor!!

I am not worried as He has always provided for whatever need. We will begin looking for a psychologist immediately. Also Tony had to buy four new desktop computers for the office. We will move the old ones into the lab for the teenage girl’s homework, etc.

Minor, who is engaged to one of our girls, Angelica. is having surgery so we prayed for him at church Sunday. A very humble young man.


Tears of sympathy or tears of empathy means I am feeling what you are feeling, In fact compassion means “Your hurt in my heart.” I have always tried to be compassionate. Of course I have failed often but I still try.

Feeling what another feels prevents us from judging them that we all have a tendency to do. There have been some rough children who have come to Casa over the last quarter century. Rejected, abused, unloved and unwanted has been the hallmark of the 5,500 children who have come through our doors.

If you do not have a heart that is touched by the grief of others than Casa is not for you. Judging is one of the greatest of all evils listed in God’s Word. If I never try to understand what it is like to have walked where you walked I will judge and condemn which is the opposite of “Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly”.