Our Tears #4

Very long day as the Lord woke me up and 1am and told me not to preach. He said to use Romans 8:28 & I Thessalonians 5:18 & ask anyone who desired to thank God for their difficulties to come forward. It was the most amazing service in all of my years in Guatemala. Maybe in my life! “IN everythng give thanks” because we are going THROUGH the difficulties.

Praying with Olga & Billy before Sofia’s operation

Now we have looked at tears of a baby, tears over our sins, tears of disappointment and the tears of bereavement. Today we look at the tears of sympathy or empathy. You will remember how Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus when he was with Mary and Martha. They were broken and weeping so Jesus wept with the,

Tears of empathy or sympathy can forever change your life and it’s direction.

When my first child died in California and we came home to Crossett, Arkansas to bury her there were three professors from my old school, Northwestern, at the funeral. Dr. Hall was standing next to me weeping and he leaned over to say, “I want you to come back to Northwestern to get your Masters. We will pay everything of you teach 3 course”.

That sympathy lead to the door opening for my doctorate at the University of Florida which lead to a job in Alexandria, La. Which lead to my ministry calling to Centerpoint and on to Lafayette and finally to Lake Charles which lead to my call to Guatemala.

Those 3 professors wept WITH me and forever changed the direction of my life.