Our Tears #3

Vilma is recovering from the biopsy and the results should be ready in a few days. We are praying that she and Adam will return soon.

Dottie works so hard with her flowers


We have looked at tears of a baby, tears over our sins and tears of disappointment. So let us look at tears of bereavement. When my first baby died we were living in California. A physician gave Dottie an injection that keep her asleep for over 24 hours while I drove from Bakersfield to Crossett, Arkansas.

I believe that I cried non-stop on that nearly 45 hour journey. There were no interstates. It reminded me of how David wept for his dead baby in II Samuel 12. Later when his son, Absalom, rebelled against him and therefore was killed David wept again in II Samuel 18.

Parents should never bury their children. Children are supposed to bury the parent. Do you remember the loss of two sons and a husband suffered by Naomi? She wept! Maybe you remember how Mary and Martha wept over the death of their brother, Lazarus.

I have cried over the deaths of too many over my lifetime. I have cried over my parents and grandparents as well as my brothers. I have wept over the death of Dottieā€™s mother, her sisters and her father who led me to Jesus. There have been the deaths of children here at Casa. There have been the deaths of so many classmates and friends.

Tears of bereavement are a part of this natural life. But the hope is that we will meet again. Christ has come to save us and give us eternal life. Taking advantage of that will not only bring you to His eternal throne but also a grand reunion with those whom you have loved and wept for.