Here come the tongue #7

Aggravating! Another judge has said he wants to send a large number of children home REGARDLESS of the situation because children need to be with their families NO MATTER WHAT! This truly breaks my heart.

The team went to a village hours away & dispensed beans & rice & tracts.

Dottie & Michelle shopping at the foot of a volcano

The tongue has the power to do good or to do bad. A kind word can lift me up. Encourage me and even mend my broken heart. Proverbs 16:24 says, “Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the taste and healing to the bones.” When I have met death in my children or depression over various attacks things turn out well when words of love are given to me.

In my first pastorate two deacons awoken me at 11pm & attacked me so evilly that I said, “Let us go to the church and talk so as not to get my entire family involved.” They wanted me to leave and accused me of sin and it was all a lie.

After 5 hours at 4am I finally told them I was not leaving the church but they were welcome to do so. I went home cold and wet and sat on the end of the bed. The bed moved as Dottie crawled from the head of the bed to where I sat and putting her arms around me said, “I Do not know what that was all about but I am with you”.

She crawled back & went sound to sleep. I was able to sleep also and at 6am one of the men apologized. Dottie’s words made me a giant!