Here come da tongue #4

I write this only because it is on the news & I do not want anyone back home to worry. Two bodies were found between the Casa de Antoni and the church. They were killed elsewhere & dropped here and it is on the news with Casa’s name. I just not want anyone to worry because everyone here, including visitors, are fine.


Two ships are sailing with one filled with ammunition and torpedos and seeking to destroy. A second is a mercy ship carrying medicine, doctors and equipment to save lives. There are sharp scalpels in the hand of a surgeon saving a life and another in the hand of a mad man seeking to cause death.

The tongue can produce both good and evil. Hitler spit out words of absolute hatred and brought about the deaths of 60,000,000 people world wide whereas Billy Graham spoke words of salvation, deliverance and reconciliation that produced spiritual life and strong marriages, strong churches and strong governments worldwide.

The tongue is not the problem. It is the heart. Too often we do not take seriously the power of the tongue to assault and its ability to devastate. Proverbs 16:24 tells me that a kind word can uplift, nourish and mend a broken heart.

Yesterday I received a letter from Sugarland, Texas. It was the greatest and most encouraging letter I can ever remember receiving with the exception of one when I was in college. It was a woman who wrote to say that 38 years ago she visited our storefront church where she asked Jesus to come into her heart. She says her entire family is now saved including children and in-laws. I cried as I read it a dozen times.

We fail to realize in the midst of our battles just what God has already accomplished. Her words brought life to a struggling heart yesterday. Her words restored my confidence in my preaching, teaching and this update. Just the day before one of my board members wrote to say he enjoyed the updates. Life changing words!