Here come da tongue #11

I was drunk Sunday morning. The physician gave me 3 new medications for my leg problem & when I woke up and went into the bathroom I fell & when I arose and took a step I fell again. So, spur of the moment, Ezdras preached for me.

A judge with 3 companions came to see Casa and toured the facility. We do not know what she was looking for.

From the water tower. Note the Casa Para Antoni in the background.


Why do I use words to control or even attack those I love. First, I believe that is so I can get my own way. I am selfish as is 99% of the world. Jesus was not selfish and always placed the needs of others above His own. Sadly I am not like that. Even the most mature Christian can be selfish and even the man who loves his wife above all things besides God can be selfish.

Secondly, I believe we act like we do to get even with our spouses. Someone once said that retaliation is in the heart of every man. We have this desire to get even for what is done to us or even others. I can remember in the movies when the bad guys had the girl and all of a sudden Zorro would ride in and the entire theater erupted because we knew NOW they will pay. Humans have lived with the eye for an eye mentality ever since Cain was jealous of Abel.

Thirdly, when I am using evil speech I am hiding. I am avoiding personal responsibility. So I use words to protect myself as did Adam and Eve. I do not like to admit my faults.