Here come da tongue #1

Candy had her chemo treatment & received a good report. She returned to Casa today for a few days before continuing her treatments. So continue to pray. We are all so blessed & happy for Lee.

A girl who was just sent home contacted her sponsor who contacted us. I wish everyone would do that instead of being pulled into a situation that is not good for either party.

Kevin showing me his medical school entrance exam results

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”. Often I have been asked about my life and what would I do should I be able to relive my 73 years. I truly believe the one thing I would want to accomplish would be to have been kinder in the way I have spoken to others.

On too many occasions I have spoken to Dottie or my children as well as others in a biting, sharp or sarcastic manner. I have demeaned and offended more people than I care to remember. James tells us in James 3 that although the tongue is a small member of our body it can destroy or build; heal or make ill; bring life or bring death.

The tongue is a mighty weapon. It has caused divorces, wars and destruction of relationships. However the scripture quoted above says it cannot only cause death but it can also bring life. I can heal with my tongue. I can bless with my tongue. I can bring life and goodness and joy with my tongue. I can lift up others with my tongue. I can help others with my tongue. I can defuse a ticking disaster with my tongue.

I know what I can do so now over the next few days I want to share what God says about our tongues. Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish with a godly tongue.