Internet problems so sending this early.

Alex & I went to the SAT (tax offices) for a second day & after a line of nearly 100 we were told we needed more paperwork. Yesterday was the same thing so we will get the second paperwork done also.

The school will have 6 “shop” classes & will begin Thursday. The teens love those classes. Esdras also began Bible classes in the school. So the new year is progressing well although we cannot find an English teacher for high school.

Lunch at the zoo


I wish that I could tell you that I never feared. But fear is a part of life. The is a correct fear such as looking both ways before crossing an intersection or making sure you treat a cut on your body with antibiotics. That fear is an intelligent fear.

It is the other fear that I refer to that shakes me from time to time. Someone said “Do it in fear” such as when God told Joshua to fear not. There are times we just have to obey in fear. I am afraid but I do it anyway.

The only truth I need in order to “do it in fear” is that God has called me to do it. He is always with us even when we fear if we are obedient to His command.