Using up your life #1

Sebastian’s wife had a baby girl. They named her Maritza.

All this has been done in the last two years. Walt’s home & a dorm for little boys; Mechanical cow building; Bob’s apartment; a large visitor’s dorm; a complete laundry: the Barney dorm taken down; two ouside bathrooms constructed; Sewer system for Esdras & the transition houses; Baby dorm bathrooms; Refurbishing of the two University dorms for both boys and girls; Bob’s making of dozens of wooden cabinets, installations, etc.; Welding of dozens of beds; Two dozen surgeries including Dottie’s and other staff health issues; Death of 4 children; Restructuring of the school, K through high school, by Billy; Discipleship and outreach tripling in scope (Ezdras, Gladys, Adam & Jim); Transition of leadership (Sebastian & Alex), Accounting transition, (Dorcas), Social services (Analy & Dina); the clinic(new pediatrician, Zulma, & programs); Visitor’s team(Brandi, Gretchen, Oscar, Bob); Restructuring of university education (Josue); Transition of Christmas from us to Gladys; Continued paper work for the government; and, of course, the continued normal daily routines of 450 children(food, clothing, medicine, education, discipline). Add 5 weddings and you see how bust we were.

And, with all of this taking place, we have continued to work on the Hospital (now called CASA DE ANTONI) with very little money coming in for this project. But now we have two main goals. First is to complete the Casa de Antoni and second is to immediately begin to enlarge the new dorm for the little boys. Also the falling rate of the dollar has harmed us. It has dropped from 7.7 to 7.4 so we lose $40 per $1000. That adds up to hundreds each year.

Baby Maritza

Psalm 37: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. How many people are in debt today? How many young couples are over extended to the point where marriage will be a wild, unhappy ride of heavy debt?

Do not misread this verse! God gives you the desires of your heart but that does not mean if your desire is a car or a house or clothes or your favorite team winning a game.

It means He puts the DESIRE into your heart so that you can want what you have not have what you want. People today are using up their lives living in the moment and never taking time to earn and rejoice in the accomplishment of obtaining.

They accumulate in a year what their parents took a lifetime to work for. Then they sit back and say “Is this all there is?” There is nothing to look forward to. They used up their lives.

Dottie & I lived in a 3 room apartment and later a 3 room apartment and then a 4 room home and so on. But the joy we had was wonderful because we had goals and dreams. Get it all now and you have used up your life. Nothing is left.

More tomorrow!