I like it when a new year begins on a Sunday. We all gather for praise, prayer & the Word.

The children were up past midnight popping fireworks. They were a dragging a bit. Walt & Randi will be here in 3 weeks to parent the little boys.

Kaizar had a successful kidney transplant. The new dialysis construction is going well. The two new dorms (little boys & college boys) will be completed in two weeks. Thank you Jesus for 2016 & the wonderful people who support Casa with prayer, finances & visits to Casa.

Dottie begins the new year with dogs


Do I like my life?   Why on earth am I here?    Do I have a Purpose?

Rebecca : In Genesis 25:22 “If such is to be my suffering, why then do I exist?                                            Moses: In Exodus 32:32 “But if you do not forgive their sin, erase me from the book of life which you have written”.                                                                                                                                                              Elijah: In I Kings 19:4 “Enough”, he cried, “Now, o Lord take my life”.                                                              Three times Jonah says in Jonah 4:3,8,9 says “My death is better than my life”.

God desires that you and I “get up” and serve.

But Jonah “went down” to Joppa. He “went down” into the ship. He “went down” into the hold of the ship. He “lay down” and slept. Jonah 1:3 says he paid it’s price to board the ship. There is always a price to pay when we disobey.

Adam and Eve lost Paradise. Cain was forever marked with a curse. David buried a baby, had his daughter raped, his son, Absolom, killed his other son, and Absalom was killed. Judas saw no way out from his sin but suicide.

We should never think that our way is better than God’s way.                                                                              We should never think running is the best way to go.                                                                                            We run because we do not have the heart of God.