HELP!! Dr. Lou, our nephrologist, is anxious to What He Says “demonstrate to the third world what can be accomplished when medicine & a home for children cooperate to help children with kidney disease.” So we need TEAMS who can help us FINISH the dialysis unit. Thirty children are waiting!

He also told me that Kayser’s mother who donated her kidney had EVERY organ on the opposite side. The heart was on the right as was the spleen, liver, etc. were all on the opposite side. BUT an American specialist was here to assist and he had performed that surgery before so all is well with her. Kayser is doing great.

Trying on the gown.Jonah repents, preaches and then falls back into the sin of pride and rebellion. So just like the fish I have had enough of Jonah. Let us take a walk to something that I enjoy more. It is called thankfulness.

Reading Jonah reinforces my great belief and joy of knowing that God is love. Can you imagine your life without mercy, forgiveness, compassion & love? I do not not to think about a life without those ingredients.

Last week I believe that I wrote, “We can cry over the thorns among the roses or we can rejoice for the roses among the thorns.” My long, blessed life has seen thorns and roses and as long as I remain on earth on this evil planet the thorns will be present. However, God provides the roses just to rub His power in the face of Satan.

When we returned to Guatemala a few days ago Dottie and I were mobbed by dozens of teens who were so concerned after hearing of our accident. They hugged and kissed us and just wanted to be near us even after carrying our luggage upstairs.

They got it!! They grasp it!! Love is the main thing. Love is Who God is and when we love we are in a position to give Him to others. Be thankful for your ability to love. Demonstrate that love!

Be a rose! You may get pricked by the thorns but you will give off the sweetest of odors to those who never smell the goodness of God.