We will have to add an addition to the new dorm for little boys. We are already lacking capacity for those in that age group. It will not be difficult as no plumbing will be required. They will use the same showers, etc.

When you have three girls you raised all graduate from college in physical therapy you always have one who can massage my old back & right leg. Today it was Jenymassage your old back & leg. Today it was Jeny.

Waiting for the next wedding!The fish was another example of the provision of the Lord. Nothing more! God provides what we need when we need it. When I stood on the border near Tapachula, Mexico and looked across the border into Guatemala I was as frightened as I had ever been in my life.

Probably I felt the same terror, as did Jonah. My storm was internal although my calling was external. I had been called to the children of a foreign land. Jonah was called to preach to the heathen in a foreign land. The calling was somewhat different but the two fears were similar and very real.

My deliverance came not in the form of a fish but in the form of a promise. Telling God that I had not money and was scared of failure He answered me and said, “Mike, what you have you need and what you do not have you do not need”.

Provision is not always in the form of something tangible. It can be a voice from a bush or a coin in the mouth of a fish. But His provision is always correct. It may be a raven bringing a beak of groceries or it may be a fish with a 20 foot wide mouth. But wait for it because the provision is a coming.