Walt & Randi have been very busy since they arrived.They leave tomorrow as do Chad & Abby but Lee returns from Tn. tomorrow. Walt & Randi ill return Monday with their sons. Dottie & I are blessed to be back home in Guatemala.

Josue’ & Vanessa



God does not quit on us when we sin or disobey. We should be grateful for the trials in our lives because we will experience His deliverance from those trials.

God tells Jonah exactly what to preach. Tell Nineveh “In 40 days judgment is coming”. He did not want Jonah to use his own wisdom and ability. I cannot ever substitute my wisdom for His Word. I remember years ago in Lake Charles I began to preach one Sunday morning and 15 minutes later I apologized and stopped the preaching.

Why? Because it was my words and not His! I assure you many preachers just need to shut up sometimes because they are not prepared. They just “warm something up” and think God will honor it and the congregation will accept it.

Jonah knows he has messed up and he makes promises to God that he will go and fulfill his call. Now I know he preached but it was without love. God saved over 300,000 people in spite of the preacher.

There are times when we need to just let go and let God!