We have to leave early so I am sending this early also.

Our last short meeting was a blessing as we love to be be with Henry, Debbie & the folks at Field Agent (North Star). We said our good-byes to Jim & Linda & prepared for an early morning departure from NW Arkansas to Guatemala.

Dorothy and Ricardo


Have you ever been given a second chance? Have you ever wished that you could start over? Probably! In Jonah chapter three God comes to Jonah and for a second time tells him to go to Nineveh.

My Heavenly Father is the God of second chances. He is the God of a new life and new beginnings. Abraham lied and fled. Moses killed an Egyptian. Jacob deceived his father. David committed adultery and murder. Peter denied the Lord.

What was it that these men had in common? They were all given a second chance. Salvation is not my work for God it is His work for and in me.

Bonheoffer wrote that only he who truly believes is obedient and only he that is obedient truly believes. What Jonah said with his mouth had to be shown by his actions.

Jonah is an illustration that we all need to repent when we sin and it is also an illustration that true repentance is seen in what we do after confessing our sin. God requires obedience.