We did our last bit of shopping & spent time with Jim & Linda.


Another lesson that I learn from Jonah is that too often it requires a crisis for us to get serious about prayer. Abraham Lincoln said, “I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go”. I believe we can all relate to that.

Have you ever been exhausted? I have experienced exhaustion with Dottie, with children here at Casa, with staff, with friends and mostly with myself. Exhaustion is an end-of-the-rope circumstance. My secretary says that when we get to the end of our rope we should tie a knot and hold on”. Good advice!

Just like Jonah I have been in places that were uncomfortable. They are the best places to learn. What had Jonah learned? Well he learned that as dumb and disobedient that he had been he was still a child of God. God had not abandoned Jonah even though Jonah had abandoned God.

Teenagers who left here negatively have called now that they are young adults and I can hear in their words the fear that I would not forgive them. My Heavenly Father would always take my call of hopelessness and answer it in such a way that I could feel forgiven and know I still am in His presence.

That is the feeling all of my children would have. No one should b exempt from giving and receiving mercy.