We spent much of the day with Dottie’s family and the rest of the time shopping for a few things Dottie needed. We spoke at Butterfield Village in the evening.


Jonah does not complain in his prayer about the fact it was stinky and filthy in the fish. Salvation was the only interest he had at the moment. When you and I are in a bad way we need to realize it could always be worse.

Anyone who reads chapter two of Jonah realizes God was working diligently from the first call that He gave to Jonah until then to teach Jonah MERCY. When asked what I wanted on my tombstone I answered, “He was a man of mercy” or “The best is left to come”.

Jonah needed to repent of his attitude and extend mercy to the heathens in Nineveh. Just like us Jonah needed to realize that the mercy of God is for everyone. Honestly, I never could reconcile how a clansman could go to church and worship with such hatred for African Americans.

I do not understand how we as Christians can hate homosexuals, Moslems or any other group different from ourselves. I try to not be prejudiced and I attempt to extend God’s love to everyone though I fail. Loving Sabin and Alabama has been difficult. But you get the idea.

God has always been merciful to me and how dare I be unmerciful to anyone even the enemy.