I have a huge favor to ask of NW Arkansas & Hog fans. Dottie & I have to leave the Sleep Inn, Fayetteville, at 4am Tuesday. If anyone can help drive us next week I will pay your gas. Thank you.

Dottie had seat belt bruises but we are doing well. Slowed us down even more!

We spoke at Rotary Club & all I had were the jeans I was wearing which now has puncture holes. They probably thought I was dressed for a fund raiser.

A vencedore boy broke both bones in his arm playing soccer & had surgery today.

Bill, husband of Dottie’s late sister, Martha, wrote a book on her life & it is in print.

Soccer is more dangerous than American football.


In Jonah chapter two we hear Jonah’s prayer. He tells of his time in the water and begins to thank God for his deliverance. He screamed out in the sea and God listened and answered his cry of distress. His distress cry is about the water not the fish. The fish would be the method of salvation from death.

Aren’t you glad that God listens even when we are guilty? If I were depending on innocence for God to hear and answer me than I would never be heard by God. In what appeared to be Jonah’s judgment of guilt and impending death God listened.

The prayer here also shows how God listens and delivers us from an impossible situation. Have you ever been in what appeared to be a “no exit” situation in your life? There was just no way many times here in Guatemala that it looked like we would pay our bills or survive governmental interference in our ministry. But God heard and delivered me.

You look at Jonah sitting in a fish belly and you wonder how uncomfortable that must have been. A professional mountain climber was asked what he did when he was climbing and a terrible storm arose. He said that he just put his face in a crevice and locked himself in position until daylight.

The interviewer then asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable?” and his answer was. “Comfort was not the question. It was being there in the morning”. I agree that my life has not always been comfortable but I can say that I always was there in the morning(with Jesus).