Sebastian Josue’ & I spent 6 hours at the bank implementing one of the suggestions give us by Mike F.

The men prayed over the 18 year old boys & gave them a favorite verse.It was so good to see our young men share the Word with the older teens.

We leave at 3:30am Wednesday for Fayetteville, Ar. We are very excited to see Jim and Linda.

Gladys began seminary yesterday.

The view from the grocery store we use.

The sailors asked Jonah, “Why have you done this?” in response to Jonah saying that he was a Hebrew and loved God, I wonder if people want to ask me that question. “Since you preach and teach then why do you not obey or behave differently?”

It is embarrassing when non-Christians live better lives and actually have a basis to ask Christians why they do not live what they supposedly believe. Gandhi was asked about what he thought about Christianity. His answer was no surprise.

“I love Christianity but I am not impressed by Christians”. Remember Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and us are the 5 Gospels. These sailors were not going to read the Torah so it had to be shown to them. The lost people around you will not read the first 4 Gospels so the only one they will read is you.

When they turn the pages of my life what will they read? Will they ask me why I say I believe and yet do the things that I do?