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Dottie received a wonderful encouraging and positive report from the retina specialist. Glory to God and thank you for praying. Keep on!

Our elementary, junior high & high school began classes today and some of the college students began as well. The rest will start classes on January 30th.

This year Dottie did not have to do anything with uniforms because Angelica did it & I have not had to do as much with university inscription & tuition because Josue’ is doing it. The beauty of transition!! Aleluya!

Eduardo, Ana Toma and sons.

Jonah is not a prophetic book like the Old Testament major and minor prophets. He is not prophesying but, rather, he is part of a biographical narrative. Jesus used the book as an example of His own descent into the belly of the earth. See Matthew 12:39-41.

He was called to world missions and like many Christians today he refused the call. His foolish attempt to escape the call demonstrates that no one can escape the presence of God. But, for me, it is the mercy of God that strikes me in my heart. Even in our rebellion and stupidity God is merciful.

We learn that Jonah was a bigot. He was afraid to go to Nineveh. He was jealous because he had a positive reputation in Israel and this would damage it. He knew that God was merciful and would forgive the ones that Jonah hated.

You can just choose one of the above. But regardless of the reason this book speaks to all of us. God is not happy when we reject His call. Often people tell me things about myself that embarrass me such as “You and Dottie have done such wonderful things” when the truth is that God has done wonderful things and because we answered the call His love, blessings, prosperity and kindness have flowed over us like a river.

It is estimated that more than a minimum of 360,000 people received the God of Israel yet Jonah was angry. He missed the blessing of being the largest soul winner in one meeting in the history of mankind.

What a dufus!